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  • Meet Our Newest Dexcom Patient

    The Dexcom G4 with Share technology means that Tia’s parents will be able to monitor her blood sugar in “real-time” from their mobile phone, which provides great relief to them when they are not with her.

  • CIBC Donates Dexcom CGM System To Six Year-Old Diabetic

    CIBC donated a Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring System to ACE Diabetes, a local diabetes association, through the Family Medicine Center, who selected Kaylee and her parents, Kareem and Shelisha Hanchell, to receive the system.

  • Need To See An Endocrinologist? Make Your Appointment Today

    Endocrinology Clinic
    Monday June 27th, Tuesday June 28th and Wednesday June 29th, 2016
    at Family Medicine Center on Blake Road

  • Endocrinology Clinic: July 17 & 18

    Dr. Badamosi is scheduling patients for Friday July 17 and Saturday July 18, 2015. Book your appointment now… spots are filling up quickly.

  • Facing Challenges

    It was a year ago last fall that I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At age 53, I was terribly overweight, smoking one to two packs of cigarettes a day, eating poorly, getting little or no exercise, constantly thirsty, and urinating often. – Read how this person faced his challenge…