Definition of Wellness

Definition of Wellness

What is the definition of wellness?  More than ever before, we hear this word in the news, on billboards, in conversation and even at work.  Interestingly, there is no universally-accepted definition of wellness.  There is, however, a set of common characteristics seen in most thoughtful attempts at a definition of wellness.  We generally see a reference to a “state of well-being,” which is vague, to say the least.  Also frequently seen is a “state of acceptance or satisfaction with our present condition.”

The truth is wellness is a tough word to define.  That said, we’ll leave it to Charles B. Corbin of Arizona State University who gives this definition of wellness: “Wellness is a multidimensional state of being describing the existence of positive health in an individual as exemplified by quality of life and a sense of well-being.” click here for more information

Wellness is a journey not a final destination, it is where information is your tour guide and you become the expedition leader of your life.

So how you start on this journey? Firstly consider each dimension of Wellness. Set aside some quiet time, grab a pen and paper and start to clarify your vision. Where do you want to be years from now? What is the end result you would like to achieve? Do you want to be physically stronger? Feel less anxious and stressed? Have a deeper more meaning relationship with God? Have positive healthy friendships?  Or have a savings account?

Secondly , once you have clarified your visions you may find that writing down quotes from a movie, a person or from scripture can provide inspiration for you as you travel on the Wellness path.

Thirdly devise your action plan. Write down a list of action steps or goals with the following regularity (daily, weekly, monthly ) which will help you to attain your desired outcome. For example “I will eat an apple in the morning for a snack” Put these action steps on a calendar as commitments, it will help you track your progress.

Lastly, evaluate. Are you achieving your action steps or goals?  If you are, well done you are well on your way. If you are not meeting your goals do not feel like a failure, it has been said “if you are not meeting your goals, you have set the wrong goals”. Re-examine your goals and make them achievable.