The Gift of Wellness Tips





Physical Wellness

1)     Have fun and decrease your blood sugar by
dancing as much as you can.

2)    “A little bit of what you fancy does you good” is
an old English saying: eat small amounts of things that you want, and then you
won’t feel as though you are missing out.

3)     Take a healthy dish with you to a party; at
least you know what’s in it.

4)     Check your blood glucose regularly; it will help
you to stay focused.

Emotional Wellness

1)     Don’t feel guilty about over eating or not exercising,
use it as a spring board to do something positive and think about what you can
do differently.

2)     View your blood glucose readings as information
to help you to take action, not as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

3)     Missing a loved one? Don’t hold your feelings in
share them with someone with someone you trust.

4)     Watch your alcohol intake, for some people even
a small amount can cause them to feel low the next day.

Financial Wellness

1)     Do not borrow money from a bank or friends, you
lose in the end.

2)     Make gifts for friends, such as a batch of ‘special’
cookies (they don’t need to know that they are the healthy variety)

3)     Write a special note to friends rather than
purchasing cards.

4)     Spend as little as possible on your credit card,
you don’t want to be paying off your Christmas purchases well into 2012.

Spiritual Wellness

1)     Reflect upon what Christmas really means to you.

2)     Forgive someone for past hurts and let go.

3)     Re read the Christmas story and look for parts
of it that you have not noticed before.

4)     Ask God for guidance, wisdom and an open heart
to try healthy new behaviors.

Social Wellness

1)     Recognize that saying ‘no’ is healthy and it is
okay to carve out sometime in the season for you to do nothing but relax

2)     Beware of gossip at parties; it not beneficial,
plus it only hardens your heart.

3)     Take the time to pick up the phone and have a 15
min chat with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

4)     Is Auntie Lila upset that you are not eating her
peas and rice? Tell her you are full, but would love to take some home with

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year for family,
friends and fun. Eat and Drink in moderation and be Merry abundantly.