Christmas Wish List







Christmas is such a fun time of year and for two years now I have been Santa’s helper at our family Christmas Party, it magical to see the all the children’s faces as Santa calls out their names so they can whisper their wish list to him. I have a wish list too and I can only dream of a kindhearted jolly fellow who could provide my heart’s desire.

Dear Santa, we would like..

  1. A cure (who doesn’t want this?)
  2. An absolute way of detecting kids at risk of
    type 1 diabetes and prevent it.
  3. Pain free blood sugar testing
  4. Pain free needles
  5. Duty free diabetic supplies
  6. A Bahamian spokesperson and advocate for
  7. Free and access to safe recreational areas,
    including walking/biking trails.
  8. A skateboarding park (I know! I am just a kid at
  9. Health Education in all schools at all grades.
  10. For all people with diabetes to be free of
  11. Healthy school lunches for kids
  12. A diabetes superhero who can save the day and
    make us all laugh

Anita Cates and the rest of the world.