Recapturing the Fun

On rifling through my closet looking for the lost item I came across a bag of old photographs, I say old, circa 1998-2000. Snap shots, moments of goofiness, a glimpse into the past. Nowadays in the digital era some of these images would never have made it to print, they would have been deleted, poof, into the abyss; because some were too bright, heads were missing, eyes were closed and some were undoubtedly unflattering. But they were a reminder of the ‘good old days’ when life wasn’t as serious.

Children are not serious creatures by nature, they play and in doing so capture the fun in life. Something as simple as cleaning their teeth is an exploration into the darkest caverns of a t-rex’s jaws whilst the grown up becomes frustrated because their little paleontologist is taking way too much time cleaning their molars. What happened?!

At what point did life become just a tad too serious? I surmise that it has something to do with evolving into being a grown up. Taking on responsibilities, jobs, kids, and never ending to do list. Rushing from A to B to get a job done only to collapse in a heap at night fall and sigh, where did the day go? I also suspect that it is also about living in the past or trying to fix the future whist existing in the present moment.

When was the last time you played? Or just had unrestricted belly laughing fun? I too had to pause and think.  Life is to be enjoyed, yes I know it has its downs and even deeper downs. But even heaven cannot sustain a storm, the sun will come out, even if you have to make it.

Life is too short, learn to live in the present moment, cast out your cares and play.  The five aspects of Wellness, Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual and Financial provide a framework for looking at where you can create a bushel full of fun.  For example

 Physically: Run, bike just for the fun of it, not even for the exercise, see if you can still do the monkey bars!

Emotionally: Laugh I mean really laugh, watch a comedy. Look for hilarity when you go about your day, trust me there is plenty of material out there.

Socially: Do fun stuff with your friends, take goofy pictures, have a little baseball game in your backyard!

Financially: Start a savings plan, just for fun activities.

Spirituality: Find a fun way to express your spirituality, dance, write songs or poems.

Have fun having fun, life is to be celebrated, in every moment , enjoy!