The New Look of Diabetes Directions

9 years ago I did a lecture on Diabetes for World Diabetes Day at the Western Medical Plaza, Blake Road. The Plaza had just opened and it was one of the ways of getting people to visit the facility. The response was amazing and a monthly Diabetes Support Group was birthed. Over the next few years the lecture format stayed the same, but in order to make the group more atractive it was given the name Diabetes Directions. Its mission was to provide education to anyone who wanted it in order for them to change their lifestyle and to become healthier.

Here we are now in 2012. The need for education is more important than ever. Obesity is on the increase and so are new cases of Diabetes, but what is also on the increase are diabetic complications………….all the ones you don’t want! It is time for a new look for Diabetes Directions.

Education isn’t enough, if  was enough then there would be no gap betwen our knowledge and our practice. But sadly, because we are human, there is a gap. We know what we should do but we don’t do it. We need a plan.

Come and see on Monday 6th Feb 6.30pm at New Providence Community Center, Blake Road, Bring a friend.

Call 327 2878 for details