Diabetes Directions Monday 6th Feb

Monday 6th Feb marks the start of a new era of education at Diabetes Directions. Here at DEN we are committed to up-to-date education given in a way that will help you to develop new habits that will last.

The research is clear, the impact of education decreases over time. This means that a one off information session on self care is not going to help you to change in the long term. What is needed is a continuous flow of information and more importantly support!

This is where Diabetes Directions comes in. A monthly group just for you to help you to be the healthiest you can be whilst being supported by people who understand.

At DEN we want to make life fun! And one of the ways were are doing this is through a reward card system. Every time you attend a DEN meeting, workshop, Diabetes Directions or community event you will get a sticker. Fill up your card and get a reward to assist you with your healthy lifestyle.

See you On Monday evening, 6:30 at NPCC, Blake Road, call 327 2878 for more details.