Climbing to the Top with Diabetes DRI Kids

A perfect day for climbing, the sun was bright, a gentle breeze was blowing and the atmosphere was buzzing with a group of kids and grown ups determined to experience adventure and friendship. The day started at the Diabetes Research Insitute, on the corner of Market Street and Peter St. Everyone met there to proudly put on their screen printed Climbing to the Top with Diabetes limited edition T Shirts. Within a short time the group arrived at Sky Climbers, Paradise Island, excited but unusually quiet, I guess that the thought of climbing up a wall higher than a two storey building was a little concerning, even for the grown ups.

Mr McClam and Charles where the perfect instructors. One group started on the indoor wall the other started on the outside walls. The kids jumped in right away and each and everyone tried their hardest. Some reached to the top at record speed, whereas others took a slower more methodical approach. Rock climbing is like diabetes, firstly you need a plan, yes it can be challenging but with practice you can reach your goals.

“Climbing to the Top with Diabetes” wasn’t just about exercise, it was about bringing the kids together so they could have fun and cheer one another along. But real message to The Bahamas and the world at large is that you can have type 1, type 2 diabetes or even pre diabetes and live a healthy and productive life.

The kids at DRI are the future of The Bahamas and the world, they must be treasured, and shown just how important they are.

A very big thank you to all involved and to the Kids “You Rock!”