“Move More” Diabetes Directions Topic for July 2012

Want to know what we spoke about at Diabetes Directions? Read this article and check out the pictures of everyone dancing down their blood sugars.

In the early 1980’s a little girl pleaded with her mother to let her take piano lessons. After school one hot summer’s day the girl sat in front of an old piano, next to a lady with bright red hair. The tutorial began and the little girl was very sad that her fingers would not move in the way she wanted. After three lessons she gave up, heartbroken that she was unable to play the masterpieces she loved.

Starting an exercise plan and leading a more active lifestyle can seem like playing a piano piece by Mozart. Most people (including myself) find it challenging to obtain the recommendations set by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 2012.

Exercise programs (absent from contraindications) should include the following:

    • 150 min/week moderate-intensity
      aerobic activity (50%–70% maximum heart rate), spread over ≥3 days/week
      with no more than 2 consecutive days without exercise
    • Resistance training 2 times/week.

However, the story of the little girl doesn’t end on a sad note (excuse the pun). As she grew into an adult the desire to play the piano never left her and 30 years after her first lesson she sat in front of a new piano, next to a dark haired lady. Not surprised by her lack of dexterity she practiced. Sometimes for 10 minutes a day, other days she could manage to squeeze in 5 minutes here and there. She persisted. Today she can play her favorite piano piece, albeit not perfectly, but to a level that makes her heart swell with pride.

With persistence and practice you can lead a more active lifestyle.

Start by “Moving More” throughout your day.  It adds up. Look for daily opportunities to move your body. For example; take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away, dance whilst you are doing the dishes. Click here for Moving More Bahamian Style.