Move More Bahamian Style

It really is better in The Bahamas. Da Islands have it’s own unique way of life, read the list and smile. You might even create create a list of your own.


Stuck in Nassau traffic? Increase the volume on the music and boogie in your car. If you are feeling stressed deep breathe, use the traffic jam to relax

At the gas pump, get out of the car and pay inside.

Drop the drive in and go to the counter.

Park further away from the entrance of buildings.

Airport and Planes

Waiting for your plane? Walk around the departure lounge or stand and stretch every few minutes.

Waiting for your guest to arrive? Park the car and walks to greet them in arrivals.

On longer flights get up and stretch, go to the bathroom, even if you dont want to go!


Form a walking prayer group.

Dance during  praise and worship, even a little foot tapping is movement!

Work in the childrens ministry, kids always get you moving

Malls and Supermarkets

Summer is here, the heat is on, take advantage of the air conditioning system. Go mall walking, check out the stores, but avoid the food court (no really, it wouldn’t be useful).

Spend extra time in the supermarket walking around. Look at items that you wouldn’t normally buy, you might find a new healthy food. Read food labels, you can learn a lot.

Carry some of the shopping bags to the car (don’t forget to take your resusable ones!)

If you are using a shopping cart, return it to it normal place


Try and apply these tips, but most of all have fun.