10 Tips To Help You Save

10 Tips To Help You Save

1.      Which bank do you use? Consider all options you might get more for your money at a different bank

2.      Turn off the TV.  Less exposure guilt inducing advertising. Walk  or read.

3.      Quit buying your meals out. Save a significant amount of money by making your food at home, and reduce your waist line too.

4.      Thirty day rule. Want to buy an unnecessary purchase? Wait thirty days and see if you still ‘need’ it.

5.      Write a shopping list. And stick to it!

6.      Wait for 10 seconds in the food store.  Before adding an item to your trolley reflect for 10 seconds, do you really need it?

7.      Use saving stamps in the food store.

8.      Clean out your closet. Have a patio sale, you might even find things that you forgot you had!

9.      Give up expensive habits. Smoking, alcohol and drugs cause money to flow away from you. Get help if needed.

10.    Turn off the lights when you leave a room. A little adds to a lot!

Saving cents makes sense.