Gestational Diabetes: Protect Yourself Pre-Partum

Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan and Pregnancy – Protect Yourself Pre-Partum

If you are pregnant, your obstetrician might have advised you about taking a  gestational diabetes test and set up a gestational diabetes meal plan . Do not panic! It’s just a part of the routine prenatal check-up. You should have yourself checked for diabetes during 24-28 weeks in pregnancy. It helps early detection of gestational diabetes symptoms and take appropriate measures for your own as well as baby’s wellness.

What are some Gestational Diabetes Symptoms to be aware of?

The body of a pregnant woman produces certain hormones that transfer essential Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan and Pregnancy Protect Yourself Pre Partumbaby hand1 150×150 nutrients to the baby. Thus the fetus grows and develops luxuriantly. But this transfer of nutrients may lower the glucose levels in mother’s blood and cause hypoglycemia.  To prevent this condition, her body produces another hormone that blocks insulin so that enough sugar remains in mother’s blood. And this process can be done through a form of gestational diabetes meal and some simple lifestyle tweaks.

But if the insulin levels fall too low, mother’s blood glucose levels may rise, leading to gestational diabetes. Left untreated, it can severely harm the mother and fetus both.

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