Exercising Body and Mind to Manage Diabetes

Yoga is an excellent addition to any diabetes management program, whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. It can be extremely beneficial in the battle against diabetes. Not only are yoga poses a generally safe way to stretch, but yoga can help connect your body and mind and promote overall health.

The combination of postures and breathing techniques designed to work specific muscles and joints of the body while stimulating the circulatory and nervous system makes it a wonderful prescription whether you are fighting the battle against diabetes or simply looking to approach life in a healthier, more holistic manner.

Below are some of yoga’s many benefits:

  •     Decreases stress, which may help make blood glucose levels more manageable in people with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes
  •     Decreases your risk of injury from daily activities
  •     Helps promote relaxation and a feeling of wellness
  •     Improves balance, strength, and coordination
  •     Increases range of motion
  •     Keeps your joints flexible and healthy

Yoga’s impact on stress reduction goes a long way toward promoting health – preventing or minimizing the effects of the disease. Breathing and meditation techniques can be especially powerful in helping you maintain a positive attitude. Physically the poses teach strength and balance but through relaxation, breathing and meditation yoga also teaches these values emotionally.