On Vacation? Anita’s Tips For Choosing Restaurants
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Eating new foods and at new restaurants can be exciting. Mindful planning can ensure that you have fun whilst sticking to your nutrition goals

Here are DENs top tips for eating out on vacation:

1) Use the websites such as Open Table, so you can make informed decisions where you eat.

2) Order what you need nutritionally.

3) Share what you want.

4) If you don’t know what is in a dish, or the serving size, just ask.

5) Eat the same portion as you would at home.

6) Be creative with the menu, could an appetizer serve as an entree or a salad as a side dish?

7) Ask for dressings or sauces on the side. Try dipping your fork in the sauce, then pick up your food. You will eat much less.

8) Eat slowly, mindfully eat your food. Enjoy every mouthful.

Counting Carbs
Watch this video below on counting carbs in a restaurant: