Are You An Insulin Pump Candidate?


Fact| Insulin pumps are indicated for anyone with diabetes who needs insulin.

An ideal candidate is someone who is willing to learn how to use the pump and has a strong supportive team.

Being physically and mentally ready to incorporate into pumping in to your life will set a foundation for success.

Are you….
•    Wiling to test blood glucose a minimum of 4 times per day?
•    Willing to count carbohydrates?
•    Willing to comply with medical follow ups?

Benefits of insulin pump therapy
•    Improved blood glucose control, decreased blood glucose variability
•    Improved control of dawn phenomenon
•    Decreased frequency and severity of hypoglycemia
•    Increased flexibility, sense of well being.

•    Hyperglycemia and or DKA if infusion is interrupted
•    Lipohypotrophy when the infusion sites are not rotated properly
•    Infusion site infections, rashes and skin irritations

What is insulin pump therapy? Find out if it’s right for you