Diabetes Kills – Video & Comments

International Diabetes Federation has produced this public service announcement
Diabetes Kills – video


I am a great fan of videos. But I am not sure if I am a fan of this one. I like the quality of the graphics, but the content makes me feel uncomfortable. I believe that diabetes education should be bright and hopeful, not dark and frightening. However, on the flip side scare tactics have been used before in advertising from HIV, drug and smoking. But does it cause the desired effect – behavior change?

What are your thoughts? Let me know


I don’t think this public service ad is particularly good or effective. Though diabetes is something to be taken seriously, I don’t think it should be portrayed as a dark ominous monster/force.
Andrea C


I think this is a very irresponsible statement and does not encourage people to educate themselves only adds to the fear and misunderstanding. This will definitely lead to more discrimination especially for young people ūüôĀ


Hey I do not like this! the message is sooo negative surely they could have got the same message across without using the word KILLS? We have so much of that around  right now in our world.
Andrea H


OK, my first reaction is Wow…this is doom and gloom….however, what we are doing now is not working. ¬†Maybe people do need a wake up call… The State Of Florida has something similar to get people to stop smoking in the respect that it’s doom and gloom also, which is a series of commercials that are shocking…. People with body parts removed, etc. You certainly remember the commercials because of the shock value.


I am aware that the IDF is trying to raise awareness about the seriousness of diabetes but I feel that this also carries a negative connotation along with it.  Keeping in mind that the vast majority of the population does not know what diabetes is along with its risk factors, it can create a negative stigma which can prevent a person from seeking assistance.

Studies have proven that persons responds more positively (progress from one stage of change to another) to positive messages rather than negative messages and using scare tactics.

Also, this psa would have been more suitable and perhaps impactful had they discussed, what the condition is and the modifiable factors that should be improved upon to prevent complications and  improve ones quality of life.


I didn’t like it at all; seems like a ‘do not smoke’ commercial. This does not help. Diabetes is not a death sentence, it can be managed and people can lead happy productive lives.