Pre-Diabetes: The Lie That’s Killing Us

Finally someone has been outspoken on Pre-diabetes

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A recent article by Riva Greenberg caused me to sit up a shout a resounding yes! Finally someone within the diabetes community has stepped up to wake people up about how to take pre-diabetes more seriously.

Pre-diabetes literally says you don’t have diabetes — but you do. Your blood sugars are higher than normal, a defining characteristic of diabetes.

Is Pre-Diabetes a Lie?

Riva Greenberg is a passionate advocate for the diabetes community. Her recent article in the Huffington post is sure to cause shock waves and change the way we think about pre-diabetes.

She argues that the term pre-diabetes prevents people from making the well needed changes to prevent diabetes and its complications. Riva’s position is that if the name was changed to Stage 1 Diabetes more people and healthcare professionals would act. Staging type 2 diabetes just like we do cancer, could have more of a profound impact.

Pre-diabetes is a lie. Pre-diabetes is Stage 1 diabetes. And I’m taking a stand now advocating that we call it what it is.

Pre-diabetes doesn’t exist. And the lie we tell that it does does incredible harm. It stops the nearly 80 million Americans we say have it from making the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent advanced Type 2 diabetes. Pre-diabetes is in truth the first stage of diabetes.

My proposition is that recognizing pre-diabetes as “Stage 1” Type 2 diabetes will get millions more people to take action to stop their diabetes from progressing.

Read the full article – Riva Greenberg’s blog on The Huffington Post

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