Benefits of 5-10% Weightloss

Wayne is 34 years old, he works hard, has a wife and two young kids and weighs 276lbs.

He’s a big guy and “always has been”. His recent annual physical showed he has pre diabetes, his cholesterol is elevated plus his BP is above target. Wayne understands that his weight could be contributing to these results.

“What weight should I be for my height?” I hesitate to tell him. To expect Wayne to lose 120lbs is not impossible, but not exactly realistic for him.

“Theroretically you should be around 150lbs” Wayne sinks deeper into the office chair.

“But!” I say with enthusiasm, “if you lost between 5-10% of your body weight, 13-27lbs, it would make a difference.”

Wayne perks up. “Now I can do that!”

Wayne’s story is a typical one. Persons who need to lose weight are often set an unrealistic weight goal. But does losing 5-10% really make a difference?

The research is clear. Yes! It does.

Read this PDF for more details by the obesity coalition