DEN’s Healthy Eating Philosophy 

I have forgotten the amount of times someone has asked me for a “diet sheet”. The days of handing out generic eating plans has come to an end. They never worked. Sheets ended up hidden in the back of a draw and people felt like a failure.

Thankfully meal planning has changed. Plans are now more individualized taking into account your likes, dislikes and availability of food. Plus you get input in to your plan, setting simple goals can you can meet.

This also means that your meal plan can look very different than your friends plan. That’s how it should be, you are unique. That said, there are some key recommendations that are universal including eating a variety of foods such as fruit, vegetables, protein and whole grains in the right portion sizes.

Meal plans should be based on the individual including

•    Cultural preference
Every culture and society has its own unique food preferences. The Bahamian culture is no different. The key is to prepare meals in a healthier way and watch your portion sizes.

Choose to reduce the fat and salt content and ask DEN’s diabetes educators how your favorite family recipes can be made healthy.

•    Access to healthy food
It can be a challenge to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet, especially when it can be seen to be expensive. At DEN we can help you to look at your lifestyle and see how these important foods can be added in your diet.

•    Maintaining the pleasure of eating
“A little bit if what you fancy does you good”. I often joke that if I had to give up chocolate I would perish. Seriously I would. At DEN we want to know what foods you love and we want to show you how they can be appropriately placed in your meal plan.

•    Tools for day to day meal planning
“If you don’t plan, you plan to fail”.  Historically families had the time to spend over a hot stove. Nowadays we are lucky if we can all sit at the same table. What you need is a plan that fits your family and your life. DEN can help you to come up with meal ideas that can get you on track.

For more info call 327 2878 to make an appointment to discuss your healthy eating plan