5 Tips: Get The Best Out Of Self-Management

How to get the best out of your diabetes self management visits

1. Bring in your blood glucose meter
Your blood glucose meter should be with you at all times, not left at home or the office and certainly not in a hot car. It is very likely that you have a meter than can be downloaded on to your educators computer. These computer programs help you and your healthcare professional to tailor your care to your needs. Don’t leave home with out it!

2. Bring in your homework
Did you decide that you would do a certain task to, find out more about your diabetes. It might be a food diary or an exercise log or monitoring your blood glucose in a specific pattern. Either way don’t forget your hard work. The night before your appointment put your ‘homework’ next to your car keys, or in your bag, so it’s ready to go.

3. Be honest
Ok, so you didn’t even complete your homework, life got in the way. Be honest. Trust me, educators know when the ‘dog ate your homework’. Diabetes self care can be challenging. At Diabetes Education Network we want you to succeed in feeling better and taking great care of yourself. When you are open and honest we can help you even more. Be brave and tell us how you are feeling.

Click to download this handy pdf checklist for your diabetes visits

4. What do I want to achieve today?
Diabetes self care management is about you. Ask; “what is the main reason for this appointment today? What do I need? For example you might need some specific information on drinking wine or exercise. Or this visit might just be a clinical one for example checking your Hba1c, ECG  to discuss your blood work. When possible come prepared with a list of questions or objectives.

5. Bring in your reports from other doctors, ophthalmologist etc
For a holistic approach to your diabetes self care management it is vital that you visit other health care professionals. Always ensure that you get a copy of these results and bring them at your next visit.