Get Off Your Bungy Now!


The American Diabetes Association states you should get off your bungy!

Chances are, you are reading this whilst you are sitting down. So take a minute and stand up – right now – while you read this post.

Okay, so the American Diabetes Association didn’t quite say “get off your bungy now!”

american-diabetes-association-pdfWhat they did state in the new 2015 Standards of Medical Care for Diabetes is this…

All individuals, including those with diabetes, should be encouraged to limit the amount of time they spend being sedentary by breaking up extended amounts of time (>90 min) spent sitting.

I know you get caught up at work, the day flies by and you are lucky if you went to the bathroom, so here’s 4 stellar top tips for getting off your butt at the office.

  1. Conduct telephone calls whilst standing up
  2. Set a timer to go off every 90 minutes to remind you to get up and walk around.
  3. Print off documents in another area from your desk, then you have to get up to retrieve them
  4. Go and talk to your colleagues in person, avoid sending an unnecessary email.

Did you stand up while you were reading this post? You can sit down now, but remember, you need to move again in 90 mins!