8 Signs That You Need To Break Up With Your Personal Trainer

…or at least have a really good heart to heart conversation.


During my exercising career I have been very fortunate to work out with a variety of personal trainers. The Good the Bad and the Fabulous. Is your exercise relationship on the rocks?

Frequently Late or No shows
If this is the case your trainer is not committed and is not being professional. Don’t listen to the excuses. After all you are showing up.

Texting Whilst Training
Is your training texting, checking emails or Facebook when they should be watching your form? I highly recommend that you have a firm chat about this. If it continues, say bye bye and move on, safety first!

Checking themselves out in the mirror
I had one trainer who would constantly flex and pose in the mirror. He was really not that in to me so we broke up.

Not seeing changes
If you are not seeing a difference it is worth an open conversation with your trainer. It could be that you are not playing your part, if it’s only been a week don’t expect miracles. But if you have been training for a few months and you have been following the rules, you should have seen a change by now. Ask yourself, is this person capable of getting me to where I need to be? If not, Adios.

They are not tracking your progress
A trainer must track your progress, whether it’s your measurements or your performance. How do they know if their exercise plan is working?

Your trainer doesn’t have a plan
“If you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail” this is certainly true in the fitness world. A plan goes beyond, we are ‘doing upper body today’. Your trainer must have created a definite plan for that session to meet your goals. For example he or she should have a clear outline including exercises, repetitions and sets, for every session.

You are not having fun anymore
Sometimes relationships dwindle, and your exercise is not fun anymore. If you have spoken with your trainer and asked him to pep it up a notch, and she/he hasn’t, it’s time to say Ciao.

Personal Training is getting TOO personal.
When you spend hours a week with someone you are very likely to get to know that person a deeper level, that’s normal and a fun friendship is cool. But be careful when you are training with someone of the opposite sex. Don’t get overly involved, don’t share your intimate issues. Always keep things professional, guard your marriage or current relationship. Is your professional relationship crossing into something more? Time to get out.

How Do You Break Up?
1) Always be honest, show integrity, and be kind.
2) Be concise
3) Thank him/her for working with you.
4) Wish him/her all the very best.
5) Still be friends on Facebook.

Breaking up is hard to do, but it could be  for the best. You never know who is around the corner!