What is Diabetes Education?


What do diabetes educators in The Bahamas do?
Diabetes educators are a special group of people who are passionate about diabetes. They have specific knowledge and skills to teach people with diabetes how to manage their diabetes to live their healthiest life.

Diabetes education is not a lecture. It is real life coaching and individualized guidance for persons and their families. Educators are experts in support and helping people to understand exactly how best to manage their diabetes.

Diabetes education can be done in a group or as an individual and helps individuals with diabetes learn how to manage their disease and be as healthy as possible. It focuses on the AADE seven self-care behaviors that are important to focus on to be healthy and fully enjoy life: (click on the links below to download a brief, fun, informative pdf on each topic)

Diabetes can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be this way The Diabetes Educators at DEN are Caribbean certified Diabetes Educators who are trained to create specific plans that will work for you and work for your life.

How does someone receive diabetes education?
You can be referred for diabetes education through your physician, nurse or other healthcare professional. At DEN we will collaborate with your established team to create the care you need. Make sure you bring with you any medical records or blood results with you.

You may also choose to attend DEN without a professional referral. That’s just fine too.

What is a Caribbean certified diabetes educator (CCDE)?
At the Diabetes Education Network our Educators are Caribbean Certified Diabetes Educators. In the Bahamas nurses, physicians, and pharmacists can become Caribbean Certified Diabetes Educators through the University of the West Indies.

Currently practicing and registered health care professionals initially attend a 3 day diabetes core curriculum course. In order to gain a Caribbean Certification a person must conduct 250 hours of witnessed diabetes education and pass the CCDE examination. Re-certification is required every 2 years after providing a documented account of diabetes related continuing education hours.