4 Practical Ways To Deal With The Food Police

food-police-badgeThe food police are those folks who are trying to be helpful, but they come across as bossy and hurtful when they ask, “Should you be eating that? I am sure at one time in your diabetes career you have come across at least one of these people. If not, trust me, they are just around the corner.


Here’s the Scenario

It’s Sunday afternoon and you are at your family’s house you are presented with all of the Bahamian goodies, it’s a typical event. Peas ‘n’ Rice, Mac ‘n’ cheese, Potato salad, coleslaw (with added sugar), Crab ‘n Rice, white bread rolls and of course coconut tart, pineapple tart and more, I think you get the picture.

You reach over for a piece of your aunt’s tart and you get that disapproving look from your Food Law Enforcement officer and he/she spurts out the razor sharp comment about your choice.

What do you do? After all deep within their heart; your family member or friend is concerned about your health

4 practical ways to deal with the Health Police

Plan and practice

You know it’s going to happen at some point, so plan a practice your strategy. When the comments start you will be ready for a gentle response. (Who needs another family drama anyway?)

Take a breath and forgive

Don’t see them as being critical. Do not retaliate, just simply smile kindly and say “I love you”.

Shut it down

Remove yourself from the situation or change the subject. After the comment has been made say I “know, know’ shaking your head, walk away or come up with another topic of conversation

Let them know you are in your food boundaries

With your healthcare provider have your worked out a plan where you squeeze in your favorite foods? If so, great! Let the food police officer know it’s okay, you got this one covered. On the other hand, did you know you could fit in auntie’s delights at Sunday dinner? If you need some help with meal planning and how you can have your cake and eat it, you can contact DEN here.

Maybe the food police is not an issue for you, maybe it’s the family member or friend who trying to persuade you to ‘just eat another piece of duff’ when you are really trying to stick to your food plan.

Stay tuned for next week’s post on How to Say no to Food without saying NO, and upsetting the cook.