How to Say NO to Food Without Saying NO

angry-with-frying-pan. . . and not upsetting the cook.

In The Bahamas some folks spend all day cooking to show that they love you. Refusal of their special Rum Cake or signature dish is like a knife to their heart. So do you hurt the cook and say no? Or Have your Rum Cake and risk a super high blood sugar?

Neither are favorable… If you are really trying hard to stick to your meal plan, here’s how to say no without saying no.

Option 1

“Wow that Coconut Tart looks awesome, but I am sooooo full right now. I will have a piece later thanks”

Option 2

“I know your (insert food here) is the best, I am going to take some home with me, do you have any foil?

Option 3

“I am not really feeling like (insert food here) but I would really like some more of your (insert healthy option, if available, here).

Find another way to show your friend or family member you care about them, it may be a hug or some kind words. Remember they just love you.