How to Stop the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster


If you find that your blood sugars often fluctuate from too high to too low (and vice versa), you’re on the blood sugar roller coaster. To learn how to eliminate the extremes, you’ll have do a little sleuthing on your own. Get out your blood glucose meter, and for a week try testing before and after a variety of meals, activities, and stress relievers to figure out what makes it go up and down to stop the roller coaster for good!

Your blood sugars are affected by a large number of things, including what you eat (especially refined “white” carbohydrates), how long ago you ate, your starting blood glucose level, physical activity, mental stress, illness, sleep patterns, and more. If you take insulin and use it to treat highs, you can easily end up overcompensating and developing low blood sugars. If you develop a low, it’s easy to overeat and end up high again. Large fluctuations in blood sugars make you feel cruddy and are bad for your long-term health, so it’s time to learn how to stop the roller coaster!