Facing Challenges


Here is one man’s story of facing the challenge…

It was a year ago last fall that I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At age 53, I was terribly overweight, smoking one to two packs of cigarettes a day, eating poorly, getting little or no exercise, constantly thirsty, and urinating often. Every day I pretty much felt awful but chalked it up to getting older. I was scared to see a doctor.

One day a friend I had not seen in months told me that I looked sick. That scared me even more and made my fear of seeing a doctor pale in comparison. The result was predictable: My doctor told me I had diabetes. My initial A1C was 14.2 percent! I was rushed to the local hospital to begin treatment immediately. So began the most tumultuous year of my adult life.

My initial feelings of fear, guilt, and anxiety gave way to a determination to face my problem and work at getting my situation under control.

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