‘Turning Words into Action’ At ADA Conference


I’m here at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Conference, along with Dr. Cates and Nurse Margaret Daxon. We are excited to learn more and share our knowledge with other medical professionals during this interactive workshop.

The conference brings together healthcare professionals from around the globe. Under the theme “Turning Words into Action in Type 2 Diabetes” it is focusing on the need for early glycemic control to reduce diabetes-related complications, and discussion on how to overcome barriers to achieving goals safely.

This is something we, at DEN and ACE Diabetes, have been working towards in The Bahamas for many years.

We will be bringing back new information and research, networking with the people who are at the forefront of diabetes management and finding innovative products for care and support.

It is so energizing and motivating to be here. There are 15,000 people attending, 620 booths. Workshop sessions run all day from 5:30am to 5:00pm.

As an added perk for us: our friend David Marrero, president of the American Diabetes Association, is here. Dr. Marrero is aware of our work in the Bahamas and the impact that the Diabetes Education Network and ACE Diabetes have had. He has been a valued supporter of both DEN and ACE, and we are hoping to meet with him while we are here.

Stay well and we can’t wait to share our energy and new knowledge with you when we return.

Captions: Above – from our registration at the ADA. Below  – with Nurse Margaret Daxon