Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease by exercising 30 mins 5 times a week

February is National Heart Month a great time to think deeply about how to make better choices and include exercise as part of your life.

Many people believe that exercise requires super hard tasks and hours at the gym. But did you know that  just 30 minutes of exercise five out of seven days a week can reduce heart attack risk by up to 50%!

4 Top Tips

Find an exercise that you enjoy.

You are more likely to stick with an exercise routine if it is an exercise you enjoy. What have you done before? What worked? What didn’t? Try a Zumba class, go walking, hit the gym. Try a variety of exercise to find what fits.

Work0ut with others

Most people find that meeting up with a friend, group or trainer can help to keep you on track and committed to exercise. Who do you know who is already in an exercise program? See if you can hook up with them!

Don’t give up

Life gets in the way, and it is common to miss a day, or even a week. Keep going, do not give up. Recognise that this is normal. And get back on track as soon as possible. Even the best of exerciser’s miss days.

Keep up the great work! Be kind to yourself! Your body and mind will thank you for it.


Original Article from Science Daily 2/3/2016

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“Do you know your numbers? 30 minutes of exercise five out of seven days a week can reduce heart attack risk.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 1 February 2016. <>.

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