Meet Our Newest Dexcom Patient

This is Tia, the Diabetes Education Network’s newest Dexcom G4 user.

With the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Tia’s parents will be able to monitor her blood sugar even when she is at a friends house or at school. They can use the tracking information to help them understand patterns in her blood sugar, and they will receive alerts on their mobile phones if her blood sugar approaches potentially dangerous hyperglycemic and/or hypoglycemic levels.

Managing Type 1 diabetes in a child can be a stressful challenge, because sugar levels seem to be constantly changing. The Dexcom G4 Share technology gives parents more control by providing a constant flow of valuable information. The Share technology means that Tia’s parents will be able to monitor her blood sugar in “real-time” from their mobile phone, which provides great relief to them when they are not with her.

If you are interested in learning more about the Dexcom G4 with Share system or any of our other continuous glucose monitoring systems, please contact Nurse Anita today at 702-9310.

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