What is a Diabetes Educator?

A diabetes educator is a healthcare professional who specializes in helping individuals with diabetes or those at risk of developing diabetes to manage their condition effectively. They have expertise in blood sugar monitoring, medication management, healthy eating, physical activity, and lifestyle changes. Diabetes educators provide personalized guidance, support, and education to empower individuals to make informed health decisions and improve overall well-being.

Working with a diabetes educator can offer numerous benefits for someone at risk for or with diabetes. They provide personalized guidance on managing blood sugar levels, creating healthy meal plans, understanding medications, and adopting lifestyle changes.

Education about monitoring, exercise, and preventing complications is tailored to individual needs, helping individuals make informed decisions for better health outcomes.

Anita Cates RN, CNSP, CCDE is a Nurse and Diabetes Educator with over 22 years of healthcare experience. She is currently the Nursing Director at Family Medicine Center and the Clinical Director of The Diabetes Education Network.

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