Category: Healthy Coping

  • 6 Types of Self-Care

    Self-care plays an important role in how well you are able to manage your diabetes. Our mental health is connected to our physical health. If you are feeling good mentally, you will typically feel good physically too. Let’s explore the types of self-care and what you can do to practice them: Psychological: Be creative, meditate, […]

  • Have Diabetes, Will Travel

    Just because diabetes is your constant companion doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy traveling, whether traversing America in an RV or flying to the far reaches of the globe.

  • Diabetes and Sexuality…

    Sexuality is one of the greatest gifts we have as humans. When it works it can be wonderful and when it doesn’t work it can be confusing and tremendously frustrating.

  • The Value of Support

    Sharing with people that you have diabetes can be very scary. The Bahamas Islands are small and everyone seems to know everybody’s business.

  • Sometimes I Feel So Overwhelmed. Do Other Parents Feel Like Me?

    The day a child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is probably the most difficult day in that parent’s life, and the days, months and years that follow can surely be classified as the most overwhelming.