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  • CGM vs Traditional Glucose Monitor

    The Freestyle Libre is a type of wearable sensor used by individuals with diabetes to monitor their glucose levels continuously throughout the day.

  • The New Dexcom G7

    The Dexcom G7 is a newer generation continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system that offers several advancements over traditional glucose monitoring methods.

  • Monitoring Blood Sugar

    Five questions to ask your doctor about monitoring blood sugar.

  • Everyday mindfulness linked to healthy glucose levels

    Volunteers in a study who scored higher on the Mindfulness Awareness Attention Scale (MAAS), had a higher likelihood of having normal glucose levels (ranges reflect intervals of 95 percent confidence). Dispositional, or “everyday” mindfulness is the inherent trait of being aware of one’s present thoughts and feelings. In a […] Click here to view original […]

  • Coming Soon Dexcom CGM G5: Your Glucose on Your Smart Phone

    The Diabetes Education Network is on the cutting edge of diabetes care and management. Coming to DEN soon is the Dexcom G5 CGM. For more information on Dexcom G5 at DEN contact us HERE Dexcom is proud to announce the first completely mobile continuous glucose monitoring system. With Bluetooth® technology that is now built in […]