Category: Taking Medication

  • New Medtronic Insulin Pump. The MiniMed 640g.

    Woo Hoo! I am always so excited to get innovative products in the Bahamas! Why travel to the USA when you can get up-to-date care and technology right here at home?

  • What Is An A1c Blood Test?

    An A1c is a blood test that measures the average blood glucose/sugar over several months. Here is why it is important…

  • Bahamas Medical Conference

    DEN held a booth to educate Physicians, nurses medical students on the impact of Diabetes Education.

  • What Can The iPro2 Do For You?

    How often do you check your glucose level? Once, twice, 4 times a day? What happens in between those times you test?

  • Pump Therapy Now Available In The Bahamas

    In November, fifteen local physicians, including Dr. Graham Cates of Family Medicine Center, attended an educational dinner session on the Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring.