Category: Taking Medication

  • FDA Alerts Companies to Stop Illegal Sale of Diabetes Treatments

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is taking action to remove from the market illegal products, including some labeled as dietary supplements, that claim to mitigate, treat, cure or prevent diabetes and related complications.

  • Is An Insulin Pump Right For You?

    An insulin pump is a small device, about the size of a compact cell phone. It can be clipped to your belt, hidden under your clothes, or slipped into your pocket. It is programmed to deliver precise amounts of rapid insulin to match your body’s needs.

  • Are You An Insulin Pump Candidate?

    Insulin pumps are indicated for anyone with diabetes who needs insulin. An ideal candidate is someone who is willing to learn how to use the pump and has a strong supportive team. Being physically and mentally ready to incorporate into pumping in to your life will set a foundation for success.

  • Getting Blood Out of a Stone

    Do you find it difficult getting enough blood from your finger check your blood glucose? Well you’re not on your own. I often see people in my office who just don’t bleed well. When you have to prick yourself over and over, It can be very frustrating (and painful).