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  • Health Cartoon

    I’m the Blood Sugar Fairy. If you can see me, yours is too low. Source: Diabetes Health

  • Cartoon: Just A Reminder

    As you can see, your wife left a few messages reminding you to check your blood sugar.

  • Live A Happy Life

    A quote from the wise: “If you want to live a happy life…”

  • Christmas Wish List

                Christmas is such a fun time of year and for two years now I have been Santa’s helper at our family Christmas Party, it magical to see the all the children’s faces as Santa calls out their names so they can whisper their wish list to him. I have […]

  • DEN Discussion

    Check out this blog to find out what is on DEN’s mind and heart. It could be a new topic in Diabetes, a top tip, or a little humor to help you through your day. You never know what DEN is going to discuss next!