Sylvia Smith

I have been a diabetic for the past twenty-five (25) years.  I am doing excellent and most recently brought my blood glucose under control, meaning that my blood glucose readings are within normal range. I give all the credit for this to my Health Care Professionals, Dr. Graham and Nurse Anita Cates. They are a very caring team. They treats me as if though I am their only patient this makes me feel loved and very special. Nurse Cates in particular, assists me with the management of my diabetes in that she sits with me and explain everything I need to know about diabetes such as the danger of having high and low blood glucose readings.  She helps me with my meal planning and the administration of my medications. It is because of Nurse Cates constant checking on me and advising me on what to do and the amount of medication I should take if I am getting high blood glucose readings that I am doing so well and leading a normal day to day life.  She also provides me lots of reading materials and Wabe Sites for additional information. Everyone I meet with diabetes I recommend them to see Doctor and Nurse Cates.