Fast Facts

  • Health & Happiness

    The Diabetes Education Network joins with Family Medicine Center and ACE Diabetes to wish you peace, joy and good health this Christmas season and throughout the new year. Be well.

    Please note our holiday hours.

  • DEN Supports Perfect Feet The Movie

    Perfect Feet the movie is a social movement film about one man’s journey to find the perfect set of feet. The film explores a variety of topics and also highlights diabetes, an issue that hits close to home for Bahamian filmmaker Calvin Dwight Harris.

  • World Diabetes Day

    Diabetes affects people of all races, income levels and ages. Living with diabetes is hard, whether you have it yourself or whether it is a loved one who has it. Talk to us, we can help.

  • DEN Helps Manage Diabetes

    Diabetes education programmes are crucial to help loved ones manage the condition.

  • Do You Know How To Spot Diabetes?

    Diabetes is often called the “silent disease”. It can develop in people without initially producing symptoms.