Fast Facts

  • DEN Discussion

    Check out this blog to find out what is on DEN’s mind and heart. It could be a new topic in Diabetes, a top tip, or a little humor to help you through your day. You never know what DEN is going to discuss next!

  • Reward Cards

    DENs reward cards are nearly here! Collect a sticker by attending Workshop 101, Diabetes Directions or any community Event held by DEN. Fill up the back of the card to get a gift. Learning is fun with DEN!  

  • Diabetes Directions Christmas Party

    Diabetes Directions has held a Christmas Party since it started 9 years ago! December 2008, shortly after my 2nd sons birth, it was time again to for the Christmas Party so I got everything ready, food, drinks, decorated the room and Dr Cates and I waited, no one showed up! After an hour of waiting I realised that […]

  • Workshop 101

    Congratulations to those who attended and completed the FIRST Workshop 101. It was a pleasure facilitating. You were great. Thank you for your support! Hopefully we will see you at our Diabetes Directions Christmas Party on Monday 5th December!

  • Diabetes Presentation

    Thank you so much to the Bahamas Diabetes Association for inviting me speak on Saturday about Diabetes Burnout. It was wonderful to meet you all. I hope that the presentation encouraged you to believe in yourself. I had an awesome time. (Anita Cates)