Fast Facts

  • The Gift of Wellness

    Santa and Rudolph, Junkanoo and Boxing Day, Peas and Rice, Stockings and Gifts are examples of things that go together. What comes to mind when you think about Diabetes? I like Diabetes and Wellness, they go hand in hand. Wellness embraces the 5 areas  of our lives Physical, Emotional,Spiritual, Social and Financial. Christmas time is […]

  • DEN Discussion

    Check out this blog to find out what is on DEN’s mind and heart. It could be a new topic in Diabetes, a top tip, or a little humor to help you through your day. You never know what DEN is going to discuss next!

  • Reward Cards

    DENs reward cards are nearly here! Collect a sticker by attending Workshop 101, Diabetes Directions or any community Event held by DEN. Fill up the back of the card to get a gift. Learning is fun with DEN!  

  • Diabetes Directions Christmas Party

    Diabetes Directions has held a Christmas Party since it started 9 years ago! December 2008, shortly after my 2nd sons birth, it was time again to for the Christmas Party so I got everything ready, food, drinks, decorated the room and Dr Cates and I waited, no one showed up! After an hour of waiting I realised that […]

  • Workshop 101

    Congratulations to those who attended and completed the FIRST Workshop 101. It was a pleasure facilitating. You were great. Thank you for your support! Hopefully we will see you at our Diabetes Directions Christmas Party on Monday 5th December!