Counseling Services

Living with Diabetes can make you feel, sad, stressed and burnt out. On top of your life responsibilities, diabetes requires you to think more about eating, exercise and their effects on your blood glucose. You may become burnt out and stop caring for yourself properly. It may also affect other areas of your life including relationships and work.

People with diabetes are more likely to have depression or anxiety, which can increase your risk of complications, if you are unable to manage your diabetes.

Emotional Wellness is vital to staying on the Wellness path. We can help you or your loved one with a variety of issues that commonly affect someone with diabetes.

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Meet our Psychology Team:

Dr. Rashida Brown-Clarke
Dr. Brown-Clarke is very interested in the treatment of the most severe psychiatric illnesses, including psychotic disorders and mood disorders, e.g., bipolar disorders. She has also participated in various public education forums not only to educate, but to decrease the stigma of psychiatry and psychiatric illnesses.


Dr. Annalease Richards
Dr Richards has a passion for healthy living and the well-being of our children and adolescents.

She is keenly interested in the connection between mind and body and its role, not just in the development of illness, but the maintenance of health.


Dr. Lanee Rivers
Dr. Rivers’ areas of specialty include psychological assessments and the treatment of learning disabilities, ADHD, social/emotional disorders, developmental disorders, and bariatric surgery evaluations.