Personal CGM Data Interpretation and Supplies

Personal CGM Data Interpretation

This service is for persons with their own Continuous Glucose Monitor. We work with you to review your CGM information and teach you how to interpret your own data. This can be done in office or remotely, for data downloading internet access is required.


Personal CGM Data Interpretation Service includes


  • Assessment of your current diabetes management program
  • How to collect data during the assessment time
  • How to transmit data
  • Unlimited email access for questions and concerns
  • Analysis of data for patterns and trends
  • Recommendations for fine-tuning blood glucose control
  • Teaching on how to self-interpret data and downloads
  • Educational Tools and resources

CGM Supplies

Getting your supplies from the USA is a nuisance. Let The Diabetes Network do the hard work for you.

We provide CGM supplies:

  • USA Prices +Vat.
  • Emergency supplies available.
  • Most insurance providers taken.