What is Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring provides the missing information you need for great glucose management.

Home Blood Glucose Monitoring is an invaluable tool for diabetes management. But this only provides a “snapshot” approach to glucose monitoring. If blood glucose provides a “snap shot” then Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring (PCGM) provides the ‘video’.

PCGM is a 3-5 day test done to evaluate diabetes control. The PCGM test uses glucose measurement done every 5 min via a glucose sensor. The PCGM test allows the healthcare professional and patient to evaluate glucose control during a 24 hour period.


PCGM is a important tool for my clients and for myself, as a nurse and diabetes educator.  It reveals hidden data that cannot be realistically achieved through finger sticks. Prior to having the iPro 2 and Dexcom Professional PCGMs at DEN, finding the right information about a persons management was challenging, especially when it came to assessing a persons overnight glucose level.

The PCGM is an incredible education tool for people with diabetes and those with pre-diabetes. For the healthcare provider it takes the guess workout of how lifestyle and current medications affects glucose levels on a day-to-day basis. This information allows a healthcare provider to develop a customized patient plan based on real data. For the patient, the results of the PCGM empowers persons to make choices that can improve glucose management. It also encourages individuals to continue with their plan when they see clearly what is working for them.

Diabetes is a challenging condition, but it can easier to manage when you can assess clearly what is happening on a day-to-day basis.

Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring will

  • Assess how well you’re reaching overall goals
  • Understand how diet and exercise affect glucose levels
  • Understand how other factors, such as illness or stress, affect glucose
  • Monitor the effect of diabetes medications on glucose
  • Identify glucose that are high or low

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