Medical Consultations

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consultation2At DEN we aim to provide an environment where you feel comfortable and cared for. DEN Consultations take place between you and one of our medical professionals for the purpose of helping you with your medical condition and or health concerns. Our healthcare professionals like to establish rapport and put you at ease so we can collaboratively discuss your concerns and goals and then determine what medical examinations, procedures, education and medications if any, are appropriate to get you on the right track.

The Diabetes Education Network increases the quality of life for people with diabetes through education, innovative management and customized attention. With the right information, management and support makes living with diabetes so much easier and this matters to people with diabetes and those who love them.

For your first appointment at DEN remember to bring in your medication and any lab results. It is helpful, if you feel comfortable, sharing with our staff the nature of your visit, then they can allocate the right amount of time for your appointment.

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