Support: Self-Care Management

At DEN Bahamas, we know that, when it comes to patient care, everyone has unique needs.

Sometimes a person with diabetes can feel very alone and “different.”  Having expert support can be an important and helpful resource for people with diabetes, because it can provide a answers to medical and psychosocial concerns.

DEN Bahamas offers support and self-care management programmes with a wide range of informative resources to put you on the path to better health and better living.

In conjunction with Family Medicine Center, DEN Bahamas offers full health and wellness services that integrate wellness education with medical support such as labs, medicine, nursing and psychology services.

You can read treatment reviews, set goals for yourself such as keeping your triglycerides or blood pressure down, or changing specific things in your diet.  DEN can help support you all along the way.

Help Us Help You

You can get started on the path to better living by filling out this simple Diabetes Questionnaire, so we can tailor a self-management programme that fits your specific and unique needs.