Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring can benefit all people who have diabetes by providing more complete information so your healthcare team can make confident decisions about you’re your diabetes management.

ipro2-sofsensorStep One: Place Sensor

At this first appointment you will meet other people like yourself who are taking this journey with you. You will be shown how to track your blood glucose, and create your own health diary whilst on the CGM.

At this visit the virtually painless sensor will be placed, then off you go.

Step Two: Track Your Data

Over the next 5-6 days you will wear the sensor all the time. This is ‘NOT’ the time to be good. Live your life as normal, if you normally have a glass of wine do so, if you eat chocolate every day, do so.

Everyone’s diabetes is different, what affects your friends blood glucose BG might not even impact yours

diabetes-education-glucose-monitoring2sThe idea is for you to experience how your blood glucose reacts to your everyday life.

After 5-6 days return your data and get the sensor removed in a super short simple 5 min visit.

Now it’s time for the Certified Diabetes Educators and Health Care team to download and analyze your data. Our next step is to create your health pathway.

Step Three: Get a Personalised Plan

Meet with the healthcare team who will explain the results and the incredible amount of data you have collected.

Get your individualized medical and educational pathway for your best health!


Call us at 327-2878 to get started.

Benefits of the CGM experience

  • Be more confident in the management of your diabetes
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t for you
  • Get an individualized medical and educational care plan to get you in the best health! Share this with your own healthcare team too.
  • Reduce your risk of diabetes complications
  • Learn the full story behind your Blood Glucose.
  • Find out how your Blood glucose is affected by food, exercise, stress
  • Discover high and low blood glucoses that you didn’t even know you had.
  • Managing the variability in your blood glucose can give your more energy and can help prevent complications associated with the condition
  • Allows your healthcare team to make more informed decisions on your diabetes care
  • Find out more with less fingers sticks
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Check BG 4 times a day
  • See if those strange feelings are associated with your BG