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Testimonials: Diabetes Management, Care and Support

Nurse Anita Cates has been most supportive in my walk with my condition of Diabetes. Her knowledge and positive, uplifting attitude provides a source of strength and education for all who are challenged with diabetes.  With Anita, we know we are not on this journey alone and we will always have her support and guidance.

John Benjamin

Dr & Nurse Cates have truly been wonderful caretakers to me as I walk with my diabetes care regime. I have not come across such genuinely caring and thoroughly knowledgeable diabetes experts in The Bahamas since I was diagnosed 22 years ago. They have been very patient, understanding and encouraging every step of the way always informing me of the latest treatment methods that are being developed. I trust them knowing that they are committed to working with me as I live successfully overcoming this chronic disease.

Dionne Benjamin-Smith

Ruth Sherman, CEO and Celebrity Speech and Media Coach

I have been a diabetic for the past twenty-five (25) years.  I am doing excellent and most recently brought my blood glucose under control, meaning that my blood glucose readings are within normal range. I give all the credit for this to my Health Care Professionals, Dr. Graham and Nurse Anita Cates. They are a very caring team. They treats me as if though I am their only patient this makes me feel loved and very special. Nurse Cates in particular, assists me with the management of my diabetes in that she sits with me and explain everything I need to know about diabetes such as the danger of having high and low blood glucose readings.  She helps me with my meal planning and the administration of my medications. It is because of Nurse Cates constant checking on me and advising me on what to do and the amount of medication I should take if I am getting high blood glucose readings that I am doing so well and leading a normal day to day life.  She also provides me lots of reading materials and Wabe Sites for additional information. Everyone I meet with diabetes I recommend them to see Doctor and Nurse Cates.

Sylvia Smith

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Although initially shocked and disheartened by the news, through the strong support and encouragement from Dr. Graham Cates and Nurse Anita Cates I have gained complete confidence in managing my health and living a very active and happy life. As a diabetes education specialist, Nurse Cates is a great listener who is compassionate and continues to provide me with current educational tools to help me remain confident in my ability to have fun, exercise, work and eat scheduled balanced meals. With this knowledge, I am empowered to share their passion and encourage others to be open minded by becoming educated about diabetes.

Lynette Major

I first met Anita in July 2008, when she attended a Basic Training Program for Nurses in Nassau Bahamas. She was an active participant in the two day program of training, and demonstrated keen interest in participating in the vision of providing education to all people with diabetes in the Bahamas. Since that time, I have watched with keen pleasure as she continued with her dream – enhancing her knowledge base, participating in conferences, completing her certification as a CCDE and most recently, she became involved in more intensive diabetes management – participating in advanced programmes of insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose management. In addition to all of this, her excitement and passion has become her trademark; as she has coordinated and participated in numerous community programmes on various islands in the Bahamas.

Andrea C Hunt, RN, MsHS, CDE
Diabetes Nurse Consultant,
CCDE Programme Facilitator, UWI, Mona,

Nurse Anita Cates has been taking care of my father, now 75 years old, for the past 4 years. She was able to quickly assess his needs at the beginning and put him on a course of treatment that I believe saved his life. She has always been so conscientious with him and so very patient in explaining the use of his insulin, proper diet and nutrition, his heath in general, and just walking with him every step of the way. My dad feels that he is in very competent and capable hands and so do I. It gives us both a real sense of peace to know that someone as professional and compassionate as Nurse Cates is working with us. We could not be more grateful.

Alison Southgate
Daughter of a patient

It has been my pleasure to work side by side with Anita Cates. Her professionalism and passion for the diabetes population is like none other. She is so down to earth and makes everyone including myself feel that we are the most important person to her. Her passion is also reflected in making sure that ALL her patients have only the BEST education and technology available. She has made such a positive impact for those who live with diabetes in the Bahamas!

Melissa Claire RN, CDE
Diabetes Training and Education Manager
Latin America

With all that I have learned from you and Graham, I greatly appreciate it to the highest ever, will not forget this great job you are doing and am most grateful.

Michael Martinborough