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Dexcom gave me freedom & confidence

The dexcom monitor gave me my confidence back. I am able to control how high or low my blood sugar gets and I am able to work around it. Dexcom also gave me the freedom of checking my blood sugar when I go out with friends and not having to prick my finger. It is an amazing thing to be able to live with diabetes easily.

Antonia, age 17, type 1 diabetes

Got Dexcom and got stability

Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to try the Dexcom. I was amazed at the information it provided me!

First, I am a very visual person and the Dexcom was extremely helpful in learning how my body reacts to different foods.

Second, the arrows on the CGM were very helpful in, say – deciding to go for a walk, drive my car, or go shopping. Thus, I was better able to care for myself and care for my problem before it was even thought of as a problem.

Cynthia, type 1 diabetes

A Mother’s Testimony

In March 2016, I almost lost my 10 year old son. He was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic. My son was placed on 4 shots a day and sometimes more. His sugar level was very unstable. One minute very high, then very low.

I was always so afraid. Afraid what happens in his sleep, afraid of what happens at school, afraid to let him out of my site.

We then visited the Diabetes Education Network and consulted with Nurse Anita Cates, who introduced us to DEXCOM. We tested it for 10 days, and believe me it made our lives much easier. I did not have to keep waking my son up all through the night to stick him to check his sugar. I did not have to wake up every hour wondering if he was ok. If his sugar dropped too low or went up too high we would be alerted by an alarm on the DEXCOM.

Immediately after the trail, I said to Nurse Cates, “We need to get our own”.

Nurse Cates placed an order for us right away. We are now the proud owners of our own DEXCOM.

I love it and my son loves it. I thought it would be hard to use, but right away my son knew how to work everything on the device (Technology Babies). It is worth every penny.

Parents: you get some of your normal life back.

Thank you Nurse Cates and Diabetes Education Network for educating us on DEXCOM. We love it and cannot imagine being without it. Get your DEXCOM today!