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Insulin Pump Testimonial

My name is Andrea. I am 43 years old and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2009. Immediately after my diagnosis, I made an appointment with Dr. Cates. I received excellent care, Dr. Cates took all the necessary time to discuss and explain diabetes and the appropriate treatment for me. I feel blessed that I am able to get such top notch care, because I know for a fact that a lot of Bahamians are not given the needed tools and education to deal with this disease.

I had lost proper control of my diabetes in 2012. I got frustrated and became fed up, I actually gave up. In July, I finally took “the bull by the horns” and went back to Dr. Cates.” With the help and suggestion of the Cates, I wore a sensor for four days to see the patterns of my sugar levels. It was discovered that I was running between 300 and 400 straight through. At this time, we decided that it was time to add Humalog to my Lantus regime. Nurse Cates suggested that insulin pump to me then. I resisted. I needed to “wrap my brain around” having to inject myself with insulin 6 to 8 times a day.

From July 2012 until February 2013, I sallied forth with umpteen shots a day. Though my figures improved, they were not perfect or in the accepted range all the time. Nurse Cates suggested the pump again, and explained that the pump technology is so advanced and amazing that it will really help me get where I need to be. Eureka! No more resistance and I was most open minded. I told her to get the ball rolling.

I attended various seminars arranged by Nurse Cates and learnt ten fold more. When I was armed with all the necessary knowledge, the pump arrived and was installed.

My life as I knew it changed drastically for the better. Not only do I have better control over my diabetes, but I also have independence from the dreaded numerous shots. Though I check my blood frequently, I no longer have to remove myself from the dinner table, to “take care of business”. When eating out, I would go into the bathroom to take my shot, this most disturbed me. The pre existing ” public bathroom phobia” made this terribly stressful.

After I got the hang of working with the pump, I opted to also wear the sensor. The sensor reads my blood sugar every few minutes and gives me alarms if I go low or high. Once a week I go to a web site and upload my sensor information, this part of the pump experience is truly mind blowing. Nurse Cates is able to get on line and see all that has transpired throughout the week and the patterns. The amount of information derived from these reports is priceless. With the knowledge obtained from the reports, Nurse Cates is able to tweak my medicine levels as needed.

Though I resisted insulin pump therapy for some time, after having become a pump user, I truly recommend this therapy. Getting my figures into the right range has become attainable, and this is a great relief. Without the Cates and their support, I would still be struggling along. I am grateful.

Andrea Pinder
Medtronic Insulin Pump User since March 2013